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Social Integration Difficulties

Social Integration Difficulties

Partaking in social activities, undoubtedly, helps children integrate into the society more successfully.

Nevertheless, most children with special needs have problems in sensory registration and modulation, being either under-sensitive or over-sensitive to sensory stimulation. They might not grasp the underlying meanings of each experience. Coupled with their lack of generalisation power, they always encounter difficulties in various social adaptation activities.

Some children are not aware of socially acceptable behaviours, or have difficulties in processing everyday sensations, leading to anxiety, and other emotional and behavioural problems.

All these problems leave them hard to use community amenities, and cause misunderstandings and rejection on the part of the general public. Their parents might take them out less often, or refuse to allow them to join social activities for the fear of embarrassing scenes or bullying. Other parents might also oppose their children making friends with their special needs counterparts, lest they might be adversely affected.

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